Shannon has been working in photography for over ten years in Kansas City. Video production and cinematography became an important addition to her process over 8 years ago. She graduated from the University of Kansas School of Design as an Outstanding Graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in Photomedia. She currently works in the Kansas City metro area and travels for work as well. Shannon is an image maker of a wide spectrum of subjects including commercial photography, the documentation of processes, portraits, landscapes, weddings, fashion, events and much more. Abstract and macro photography are most inspiring to her, as these methods allow people to see the world through a new perspective. Behind the camera is where her passion is most excited, however, Shannon feels strongly that the editing process is crucial to the integrity and creativity of her final product. Telling stories with images and capturing the geometric artistry of bodies, textures, and macro are especially inspiring for her. Since she began utilizing digital methods of image making over a decade ago, the importance of color in her work has become more and more evident. One of Shannon's favorite things about her industry is the  many opportunities to interact and collaborate with people of so many different walks of life.

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